Friday, November 20, 2009

Clothes I've sewed this year

Oliver + S swingset tunic made the largest size, added length to the straps, bottom and sides of top. It is now way too small. LOVE the pattern.
Applique on a clearance rack t-shirt. I made the dog design myself. it's a hit with Megan. I did learn to not cut out the fusible webbing first. bond to fabric, then cut out shapes.

Little Prairie girl top (My FavoriteLittle Things) in an Amy Butler fabric I've had for over a year. I made a size 7/8 and it has plenty of room still for my 7 year old. The 5/6 did not fit at age 6. It got way too tight around the chest and shoulders. Those pics are on the external hard drive and I'm not spending the time to get to them right now.
I really don't need to make much for her right now as the drawers are overflowing due to some awesome hand me downs from a friend. should give me time to finish some home sewing, huh?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

what we've been up to

Ren Fest entrance
Mother and Daughter witches

Is the goop that nasty, son?

Really, it's not that hard to get thru the maze.

I'm not sure he's going to get any milk from that cow.
ok, so really, that was October. But don't my kids make fabulous faces? Corn Maze, pumpkin carving, Halloween(I don't have a picture of the 11year old too cool to go to the neighborhood parade with us), and Renaissance Festival. Trying to pack in some fun activites around all the cold and wet weather has been difficult.
I'm up to my ears in projects to attempt to finish and have had a nasty hacky cough that has made me waaaaay less productive than I need to be. So off to finish a renaissance costume for the middle schooler for his project and then, well more work to do. I will post about some of my completed things very soon.