Friday, June 18, 2010


I have been away for a while. Just from this blog. And my crafting/decorating goals. I have been busy with all the things that keep us moms busy. In reverse order, time-wise, cause I'm lazy:

End of year party attending(I did NOT sign up to be room mom this year!) for the 2nd grader and their Circus themed party.

Field day helper for the 6th grade field day. I was not the mom who tie-dyed each shirt. All classes had their own pattern/color. Pretty neat.

An anniversary trip with my husband back to place we got engaged, Charleston, SC. We stayed at Wild Dunes resort and enjoyed a whole day at the beach, walking in Charleston, visiting a plantation, and lots of eating and sleeping in.

Making fairies for a now 8 year old's birthday party. I believe I damaged my fingertips permanently with all the hot glueing.

Disney trip over spring break. I can't do the heat of summer, but the crowds were attrocious. I think year round school would be the solution to that problem. It was a lot of fun, but we really, truly wore ourselves out between fighting crowds and forging ahead to get in most of what we wanted to do, and the drive home. All the snowbirds and springbreakers. ugh.
I've been really, really insanely busy with church stuff too. I did our Wed. night program this year, and am co-director for VBS. It starts in 3 weeks. We started a bit late on the whole thing, as no one had agreed to do it after last year's, so it's a mad rush to the finish. Great people helping me, but it's a lot to learn and fast.
I've done a lot of work in the yard, getting the garden ready, replanting due to animal damage, planting new landscape plants, and all the weeding. I also refinished our front door, which was in dire need of maintenance.
Add in a few trips to home to visit family, attend a funeral, see a new niece, and having family here, and friends, and it's been a jam-packed spring.
I am looking forward to our trip to the beach later this month. Then VBS will be upon us, as well as getting the son off to boy scout camp, and a baby shower for sis-in-law, family reunions, a milestone birthday, and hopefully, a end of summer trip to Maine. Not a lot of slowing down during the summer here. I still need to arrange swim lessons, golf lessons, and school sports physicals, dentist appointments, you know...all those mom things.
I hope to be back soon with some fun stuff to show. Maybe a finished project! I've started a new one...hoping it turns out as neat as I think it will. Several things on needles and hooks (knit and crochet) waiting their turn to get worked on more, a dress 3/4 done, 2 more to be started, and baby gifts to make. argh.
Can you tell I'm stressed with all there is to do and all I want to do? Writing it all down here is theraputic though and I feel I can accomplish more when I've set it all out before me. I hope your summers are filled too, but just with fun!