Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Too long in coming

Oh, I can't believe I didn't post any in over 2 months. Things have been so crazy and busy. Now that J travels to work in Chicago...mondays thru thursdays...life is different. It's not nearly as bad as when the kids were little and he was gone all the time. We do miss him during the week, but we are surviving ok and enjoy our weekends all the more.
I'm enjoying the spring that is coming our way. My seeds are started, my garden boxes ready, and I have new porch furniture. Pictures to come one day...we won't discuss my 2 orders from snappy for all of last year's pics. One day.....and once upon a time I was caught up on scrapbooks. True...just many, many years ago now.
I am also loving the new dresser from Restoration Hardware I got this weekend. So much storage! I'm not sure it was worth the 13 year wait for a real, grown-up dresser. Well, ok, it was. I can honestly say that it has only been in the last year that I've felt like we didn't have enough clothes storage in our antique dresser, wardrobe and closet. Mostly as my hubby is as obsessed with clothes as most women are and we haven't really ever had the kind of money to just blow on clothes. Oh, and yes, pregnancy can just ruin the whole wardrobe. I think I finally am down to just 2 sweaters from pre-children and just one nightgown.
well, it is time for baths for kids and rooms need to be clean...new rules with things...they are put away, or thrown away. Counts for all of us. Warnings have all expired and tonight is all is lost night. Don't think my oldest wants to really say his mom threw away his homework...or backpack....we shall see.