Tuesday, July 1, 2008

July already?

So, I didn't quite post as soon as I thought. My hubby has been working from home more which makes it difficult to get to the computer. I have also been very busy with kids, gardening, family events and last week I had my wisdom teeth removed. I'm still in some pain and am done by 5 in the afternoon. Good news is I got my birthday present early...a laptop so I can stay connected while my hubby works from home more. Gas prices are just a small reason for him working from home more. He travels a lot, so when he's home it is more convenient for him to work from home and we get to see him more. I will have to work on getting photos on this one so I can post pics from here as well.
Happy 4th...we are off to my Mom's and then back in time for VBS! Lots going on and not much in the way of lazy days this summer.