Friday, January 23, 2009

Snow Day

We finally had a snow day! One that actually had snow, not ice. It has been years since the fun, fluffy stuff had been enough to play in. And, it was my son's birthday...what a great present, huh? Here's my now 11 year old.... My daughter doesn't actually remember the last time we had a real snow. That time she was not yet 2 and the snow came up to her belly. This year, it was all fun.

Yes, finally a picture of me....I figure once or twice a year I have to be in one...just for the kids' sake. We enjoyed the snow, and amazingly, 3 days later, we still have patches on the will be gone this afternoon though. Snow in the South is a rare occurence indeed.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Year, New List

My resolution for this year is to finish all outstanding projects. My hope is this translates to a finishing of all projects I start. But as I need some goes the unfinished lists:
List 1: House/Yard Projects
Repaint master bath(have to do trim on one window and repaint the 3 doors)
Install crown moulding in a:Megan's room, b: new hall, c: laundry room, d: figure out whether it needs to be in stairwell, bonus and master bedroom(funky ceilings in all 3)
Landscape plan for yard,
install landscaping
patio for back yard
Hang new curtain rod in dining room
get rods and hang them for curtains already purchased for office
repaint all trim inside house(dining room, office, foyer, half bath, hall, Megan's room)
Sewing Projects
starting with the oldest project waiting:
re-bind craig's baby blanket
sew jacket for me already cut out
size 4 dress for Megan already cut out (who is now a size 6...guess it will go to someone else!)
finish 2 other dresses already cut out for gifts
finish Megan's easter dress and coat
finish matching easter dress for Elizabeth(AM. girl doll)
Cut off shorts for M and J
pillows for den
coasters for den
Bonus room curtain(we won't discuss that 2 of 3 are finished and HANGING!!!!!)
finish black pull on shorts for under skirts for Megan
megan shirt with pink material
blue polka dot dress me
xmas material aprons
new dress for spring/summer Megan(fabric is sooo already purchased)
2 jumpers for Megan brown and one aqua.
new shirt
oh, and some tapestry panels that are waiting to be made into xmas pillows. I've only moved them 3 times. One day. I've also started knitting...a lot to accomplish this year.
and we won't discuss the scrapbooking that I'm years behind on.
2009 begins the all pics will be put in snappy. Not me.
I will mention that the list was longer...but I did check 2 things completely off the list, and am close to being done with the bathroom paint job!
Happy New Year!