Tuesday, August 25, 2009

School's Back in Session


Now, I can begin on some home projects again.

I am still working on Craig's room, which will be revealed when all is complete.

But, I want to redo these:

The picture is not the greatest, but you can see my dry-erase calendar/message board on the left and corkboard to the right. In the middle I have photos. That have not stayed put on the fabric backing. The fabric needs to be lighter so it's easier to read. I need to have paper backing for the photo one and the corkboard needs help(let's just say the spray adhesive isn't too great). Also, the hooks you see in the wall....not going to stay there much longer. The backpacks are too heavy to hang and have made them loose and the wall will need repairing. I found a great shelf/hook unit for $15 at Target this summer and plan to hang it where the dry erase board is. The photo frame will move to the hallway and I'll have the 2 frames over the desk area. I also have a great bench that has a custom cushion(by me) that is just a little too long for the space and I'd like something that can hide the shoes, not just hold them. And maybe some cubbies for the backpacks. This is in my breakfast room. The door to the garage is just ot the left of the picture. The kitchen is on the left of the door. No entryway, mudroom. Just come right in to where we live. So, I've been hunting for fabric and new curtains. Pottery Barn has the perfect ones, but when you need 6 panels and an extra to make the door cover....have to see if bonuses happen next year. I do love the light I have in the house, but with 34 windows....it's hard to have them beautifully covered. so, stay tuned for the new boards...just don't hold your breath!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Beach Vacation

We had a wonderful visit to Fripp Island, SC last weekend. The beach is lovely with soft sand and waves that weren't too big. It wasn't too hot either, which was a blessing. Lots of time spent relaxing, walking along the beach and playing in the water with the kids.

Just one shot from the photo session(by mom) on the beach.

At the Cabana Club pool. It was fabulous with the island in the middle and waterfalls. It also sits on the edge of the marsh looking over the ocean. We all enjoyed that pool.

Sandcastle competition. Yeah, we only had a bucket each.

The native "wildlife". These small deer are very comfortable around people and have fairly free reign all over the island. They just have to watch out for the real wildlife...alligators.

The view from our balcony. I love watching the tide coming in and going back out.
A really great trip and we do want to return again. It's nice to find somewhere we like visiting enough to return again. I really just wish I wasn't so sensitive to the sun. I have to use 70+ and reapply regularly and still I get plenty of sun. I haven't been this tan in decades.
Now, back in the real world, my desk is piled high with paperwork from the kids' schools and I'm wading through the laundry while I attempt to finish cleaning the house and get Craig's "middleschooler" room finished. I guess I need a new project to do list!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

One week to go

School starts again in one week. Thank goodness. I need time to work on so many things around the house. We came home a little early from our last minute trip to the beach for a band meeting. My son, the now 6th grader, is going to be in band this year, learning an instrument. His first choice is the trumpet, 2nd is baritone, 3rd is french horn. We will see on the 25th what he gets to play. I think quiet won't exist in my house again for a long time. I suppose I should warn the neighbors.

I have lots of great pictures from the beach, which Iwill show in another post. Today is only about meal planning, grocery shopping, and cleaning. Tomorrow is open house at middle school and Friday is open house at the elementary school. We missed the assignment letter pickup for the elementary school, so we are awaiting the mail. In the meantime, Megan can ride her new bike. She learned to ride without training wheels this summer and now has a bike the right size. The ridiculous part is that the bike is named Misty. seriously.