Thursday, March 5, 2009

New York City for Valentine's weekend

In Central Park

Me in Times Square

I went to NYC for Valentine's weekend to stay with my hubby who is working there during the week. He had an apartment then, so we took advantage of the free place to stay and frequent flier miles to have a romantic weekend in the city. His mom came to stay with the kids, which was nice. We started out with the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Friday night. That is my kind of entertainment! Saw lots of great works, and some that weren't. We ate at a small French restaurant nearby for dinner and I had the best scallops I've ever had. YUM. Wonderful boullaibase too. Saturday we did the tourist things, saw Times Square, the lions at the library, Rockefeller Plaza, Grand Central Station, and a long walk thru Central Park. We had an early reservation at Del Posto for Valentine's and had the most expensive meal of our lives. It was very good, but wow, fancy. In that understated kind of way. We also went to the movies and had a nice Valentine's together. Sure beats last year's apart.

Sunday we walked by the World Trade center site and then on to brunch at Bubby's before heading back to leave. We did detour thru Century 21 which was interesting, but I would need a full day alone to do shopping there. All in all, an enjoyable trip. And best of all, Jonathan came home with me for the week. yay. But then the kids were sick and we both got it too. boo.

A cold weekend in the city which was not overly crowded. Good for me. There's still lots to do and I know we'll take the kids back one day.

Snow Days and Sickness

More snow, 2 more days missed of school since the last post. Now the kids will be going to school on Memorial Day. Honestly, I am not so enamoured of the snow day thing any longer. Once a year is enough. I don't mind the snow, just the missing school and feeling like we're trapped at home because of it.

Also, the kids have been sick. Almost 2 weeks of just fighting a flu-like thing. They would be well enough to go back to school, then have to stay home again. ick.

But to cheer things up, here's a picture of the snowman Jonathan helped Megan make. Back soon with more interesting posts..