Thursday, December 13, 2007

First Post

Ok, so here goes the blog. I'm skeptical I can post regularly, and really not sure I have anything to add to all that is out there. But I'm going to try. I would like to have this be a way to share all my decorating, crafting, and otherwise home-y projects. I like to sew, cook, read, scrapbook(but NEVER seem to find the time) garden and all kinds of craft projects. I do have two great kids to take care of and a wonderful(most of the time) husband that I like to spend time with. So, my creative time is not round the clock nor will it ever be...11 pm and I start making to bed I go. I will try to post some pics of my Christmas decorations soon... I do enjoy painting, both the artsy kind and interior house painting, which is good since I spent most of September painting the inside of our new addition to our house. I don't really work outside the home... would like to, or more to the point, would love to be paid for doing what I love and not worring about the housekeeping part of my life. Dishes...ugh. Laundry...double ugh...really make that a huge sigh. I hate trying to keep up with laundry. It is much easier now that I actually have a laundry room and not a washer/dryer stuck under the stairs in the middle of my front hall. But all the is one of those never done things.
So that's it for today.... let's see if I can keep up with this....